Andrea • Mother to twin girls age 8, two boys ages 5 and 2, and one baby girl 16 months & expecting baby# 6 in January❤️
Am I alone when I say I am so tired of POAS and it constantly being a BFN???!!!! Every month I feel like I am really in for a BFP and sure enough its a BFN!! I just had another friend post to FB that she is pregnant! That makes like 12 on my friends list. And while I'm utterly excited for them, I wish it would happen for me! I have three children the oldest two who happen to be twins are starting school this year, and I feel like time is going way too fast :( I always dreamed of having a large family, and I want to expand it now! Thinking about taking clomid, which I took with my son. Anybody else feeling the stress with the BFN's?!?