I "cheated"

My boyfriend had been openly ignoring me for entire week. Every single day when I got home I'd cry and feel like shit because I wanted to break things off with him. One night as my very very beautiful coworker was driving me home I went for a goodbye hug which turned into a goodbye kiss. It was so good, but I stopped myself seconds into. I told him I had a boyfriend and needed to work things out before anything more happened. Two days later I got enough courage to call my boyfriend. As soon as he got to my house I told him I wanted to break up and he agreed. Turns out he had wanted to for a while, but did not have the balls to do it (such a huge fuckboy). I truly believe cheating is the worst thing a person could do, but as far as I'm concerned we were over long before that. I never told him what happened and I regret nothing. I value myself and do not deserve to be treated the way I did.