Need some advice PLEASE (kinda long)

In the past, I have literally been cheated on by EVERY guy I dated, including my ex husband (and father of my kids) of 8 years. I have now been in a relationship for just over a year and Im starting to feel insecure, like hes cheating too. BUT, he has never given me a reason. He works and is always home on time, plus brings his clock in and clock out reciepts home. I have full access to his phone, we share facebook and email accounts and 90% of the time, we go everywhere together. His mom (we are very close) thinks im traumatized but she wont side with either of us because she feels like we are both her kids. The only suspicion I've had is our sex life has been dwindling lately. No matter what i do, hes not interested except once every week or two. Any advice would be great.

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