7w Mild nausea but not sick

Erin • Early MC Oct `14 & Missed MC April `15 Praying for my Rainbow some day
I'm 7w1d and have waves of nausea regularly but usually not bad and have yet to be sick.  Sore breasts and exhausted, and sometimes back pain (I'm a server so I stand/walk a lot)
Just keep hearing that if you're vomiting there's more of a chance the pregnancy is a viable one than if you're not vomiting.  
I need reassurance baby is ok and here to stay!
I was sick 1x with my first pregnancy that ended in early mc in October so I know vomiting isn't a guarantee but I feel like I should be by now!
1st ultrasound is next Friday.  I feel like I'll be in edge until I see something on the screen