What do you think?

Our favourite names at the moment are Barnaby Charles Simper and Hollie Louise Simper. We wanted something that is fairly unique but hubby doesn't want anything too unusual! I also really love Hollie Pippa Simper (I just love the way it sounds) as well as Piper for a middle name, but we're leaning towards Louise as it runs in my family and is my middle name. However we're stuck for boys names...I love Barnaby (although I'm not so keen on Barney as a nickname...) but hubby isn't too sure. We like Charles as a middle name as it runs in boTH of our families so it's pretty certain. My question is, what do you think of these names? Which ones do you like/dislike and why? Do you have any suggestions of similar names that may work better than what we already have? Any input whatsoever will be greatly appreciated, thank you! xo