Bleeding and 6 wks

Danielle • Married, have a beautiful daughter and an adorable baby boy! 😍
I am 6 weeks pregnant today! I woke and went to the rest room, but when I wiped there was blood so naturally I wiped again and more blood! I have put a pad on but nothing. I went ahead and called my own call nurse and she says to call back if bleeding continues or is accompanied by cramping which I do not have any at this time! She told me not to have sex until I can go see my doctor. She has asked me to call first thing Monday morning for an appointment. 
I know God is going to take care of my baby but it is so hard not to worry! The mothers instinct is to protect their baby and that couldn't be more true right now! 
Has anyone else experienced this? I asks wanted to share incase someone was experiencing something similar and was freaking out like I have this morning!