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CD25...sigh... Glow has me at 9DPO but FF says I haven't ovulated. This has been a seriously strange cycle. Temps are super erratic, I'm exhausted, emotional, and crampy.  We've been TTC for 15 months. Started in December 2013, after 3 cycles of Clomid...BAM!  BFP!!  So excited, only to MC at 8 weeks. Completely devestated.  Since then...bfn after bfn after bfn. I have PCOS so I expected to struggle a little. This is much more than I anticipated.  My RE recently did an hsg, said everything was clear and said "there's no physical reason you can't get pregnant". THEN WHY ARENT I PREGNANT!!  Next step is to add metformin with my Clomid, and see what happens.  They decided to wait on the semen analysis bc he knocked me up before, it just didn't stick. 
I thank God for you ladies. It's so hard to talk about these things to people who just can't relate.  Thank you so much Ashley for introducing me to this group and these wonderfully inspiring and hilarious ladies. ❤️☺️