Boyfriend and friend

Margot • Birds will sing out song in halcyon 🐦

So my boyfriend had a bad disagreement with a friend of ours. They are no longer friends (due to threats made) and my bf wants absolutely nothing to do with him. When he found out that i hung out with him ,he yelled at me and walked out of the house.

I continue to see this friend even though my boyfriend doesnt want me too. Ive never lied to him before...and i know that out of respect for my man i should cut off contact.

The thing is..i get a small sense of excitement when im hanging out with this guy. Not in a I like him kind of way but a im doing something im not supposed to kind of way.

But i think my friend LIKES me...even though he is married with a son. He messages me daily just to say good morning or to ask me how work is. He has never made an advancement or dropped any hints though

What is wrong with me?

I dont know what to do with myself?