Let's hear your engagement stories


Lol. Where do I begin with mine? SO and I started dating freshman year of high school. Both knew a few months in that we'd found the one, and talked about getting engaged and married later on in the relationship. I told him that when he did propose, I wanted him to either ask my fathers permission, or propose in front of them. On our first anniversary, we were at his house, and he held out a pokèball with a ring in it (yes, we're nerds) and started to propose. I stopped him, saying that I really do love him and want to share my life with him, but 1) he hadnt asked my dad and we werent around them and 2) at 15 and 16 we were too young.

Senior year, Valentine's day is coming up, and kay jewelers is having a sale. He calls my mom, and asks her permission to take me, that he wants to get me an engagement ring. My parents shot him down. We both got very upset, and at that point I realized I was 18, and was going to be with him with or without my parents blessing. I told him the next time he wanted to propose, I wasn't going to make him jump any hoops, to just come directly to me.

Few months go by, and my aunt throws us a graduation party. Throughout, hes flashing a box at me saying "know what this is"? I told him if he wasnt about to get down on a knee, to put it up. We sit down to dessert, and he starts playing our song. My heart keeps pounding faster and faster as it gets to the line "he knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring". He grinned and let the song finish, then ate. On the way home, he slipped the ring on my finger, took my phone, and typed "will you marry me? "

We decided to have a long engagement while we looked for work and saved up money. He couldn't find work here, and ended up moving up north for a year. The distance ended up causing some issues for us that couldn't properly be worked out until we were near each other again, and I called off the engagement. He came back home a few months later.

That fall, we decided one morning we were going to do the nature hike at our local rec department. At one point in the trail, branches joined together to make a very pretty natural tunnel. Halfway through the tunnel, he stopped. I looked back and thought he was tying his shoe, so I stood and waited for him. He called me over, and pointed to something on the ground. I looked, then looked at him like he was crazy and told him it was a leaf. Then I looked at his hands. He took my hand in his, and asked if I would be his wife.

My parents like him much better now, we both are working, and are house hunting as we plan our wedding. So, sorry mine was so long, but what is your proposal story?