I can't stand my mother in law! 😱

TraceyπŸ¦‰ β€’ Wife and Mother of 3 Girls. 7 yrs, 3 yrs, and 1 yr old. SAHM, obsessed with photographing my kids πŸ’œ
I am exclusively breastfeeding my baby, and she's always making comments like "the baby needs to have some formula it's not good to give only breastmilk" she formula fed her children and she went as far as asking the doctor while I was still in the hospital right after I had my baby if the baby would get enough to eat with just my breastmilk, if formula wouldn't be better, and then she acted shocked when he told her that being breastfed was the best thing for the baby. Well today she got me extremely pissed off when she was reading an article of a toddler that was underweight and taken away by child services and then said that could happen with your baby because you refuse to give her formula. She is beyond ignorant and my baby is doing great growth and weight wise. Is it me or was that a disgustingly disrespectful comment?!? Why is she always trying to upset me 😫😱