A birth story

Lisa • Married 5/10/14. Joseph 2/16/15. Cecilia 9/18/16. Due with baby 3 August 18, 2018!!
Here's our birth story for everyone looking to actually read a birth story in the category. 
We were scheduled to be induced at 6pm on February 16 so that our baby would be delivered by my dr the next day at 41w1d. Welp, baby Maloy had other plans. My husband and I decided to have sex the night before since we wouldn't be having sex for a while after that. I told him I didn't want him to go inside me because I had to have an exam in the morning. So I know they say the sperm is what actually induces labor, but maybe for us it was sex haha. Around 11pm my BH contractions started to feel a little different. I ignored it and went to bed noticing they were waking me up, but still not paying attention. At 3ish am I woke up to pee. When I wiped I noticed my mucus plug (first time seeing any part of it). I also noticed the contractions were getting stronger. So I tiptoed over to my husband, woke him, and told him I thought I was in labor. For the next hour we timed the contractions while we each took a shower and got ready and packed up the remaining things we needed. Contractions to me felt like my really bad period cramps that I get. They came in waves and went away. The pain was in my back a lot as well.
We got to the hospital at 5am. They checked me and I was only at 1cm. Since I was supposed to be induced in 12 hours and we were expecting an ice storm, they didn't want to send me home, so they had me walk in circles around the maternity ward for an hour. The next nurse to check me informed me that I needed to have progressed for the dr to keep me, therefore her cervical check was going to be a little more intense. I had dilated a little further, so I was admitted. My husband, mom, and sister in law hung out in the room with us for the rest of the day. 
At one point a perfect storm occurred. The dr. checked my cervix, while I was having a contraction, while I had to pee, right when they started pitocin. At that point I had one of the most intense and longest contractions ever. Turns out I had like 9 contractions back to back with the last one lasting a few minutes. My blood pressure went up and the baby's heart rate dropped. Nurses rushed in and gave me a shot to stop contractions and stopped pitocin and put me on oxygen. I almost passed out. 
They eventually started it back up very slowly. Dr wanted to break my water but I wanted to see if baby could hold out until my dr arrived for the next shift so I said let's wait. A few contractions later my water broke on its own. Such a weird pop feeling. Like the baby really thumping in there. The next contraction was like nothing I have ever felt. So much pain radiating through my entire body. I asked for epidural immediately. 
After I got the fluids I needed the epidural was ready. Had to go through a handful of really painful contractions before that. The catheter was originally placed in wrong creating electrical currents up and down my left leg. He took it out and replaced it and everything was better. I felt no more pain. I still had the dizziness and nausea so I was put on oxygen  
At this point my blood pressure kept going up and his heart rate kept dropping. Dr said I needed to think about a c section. I was devastated and asked her what she really thought. She said she would rather walk back now and do it, than run back in 10 minutes with it being an emergency. So we went back. The section was a thousand times easier than I thought it would be. At 5:15 pm they held him up so dad could see and he told me we had a boy! Than they lowered the curtains so I could see. 30 minutes later we were back in our room and I was cuddling skin to skin and attempting to breastfeed. Family came in around 7:30 pm and around 2am he was whisked away to the NICU with low blood sugar. 
He was in the NICU (thankfully across from our room) for an entire week. The nurses woke me up at 6 to get me up and take my catheter out and they wheeled me over to see him. At this point we went over every three hours to feed him high calorie formula, i pumped every three hours, and we hung out in our room without a baby. 😞 But thankfully everyone was so amazing and we were given a room to stay in after I was discharged. 
My recovery other than an infection has been so easy. I think having to get up every few hours to visit our baby or pump played a big part. So if you get a c section, after the intitial 12 hours, get up and moving every 2-3 hours.
Let me know if you guys have any other questions!!