I am a woman. And for some reason I am not happy with my man. I can be faithful and not physically cheat. But I am not satisfied in this relationship unless I have a man that I can talk to and make me feel beautiful & wanted when my man is not acting right. Which is frequently. We both have insecurities because of past infidelity & abuse we both have done towards each other in the past. I am just wondering though should I have just give up on this relationship because of the bad history of cheating & abuse. Or should I keep trying. For the first 2 years, neither of us took the relationship serious. Then he got a woman pregnant during a break up (2011, baby born in 2012). (Relationship been on going since 2010.) I no longer physically cheat. But I do still talk to other men. I always break up with him when the unhappiness gets overwhelming. We were engaged. But I caught him cheating with the childs mother & called it off. And yet I still keep taking him back. I have taken him back many times. But I think he is finally being faithful. Crazy part is I no longer care if he cheats or is faithful, I no longer care if he is happy, I feel like I no longer care about him at all. Am I hanging onto nothing? Or am I just numb from the past! I need relationship advice! #PleaseHelp