long but please read...

a few weeks ago, i caught my fiancé 'talking' to another girl... i asked him about it and he apologised, promising it wouldnt happen again. he willingly gave me his facebook password and i pressumed that since he knew i had access to it, he woulf keep his promise and stop.

however, recently he's been very distant and always gets defensive and arguing when i ask questions, even about something as simple as work. so a few days ago, i went onto his facebook account and saw a message from a guy giving my fiancé his number (my fiancé is bisexual) but the messages that my fiancé sent to him, clearly asking for his number, had been deleted. i confronted him about it and he hurriedly said he had to go. when i bought it up again, he said he 'was trying to delete the whole conversation because messenger was packed full' and yet only his messages were deleted (i've added screenshots, blocking out names).

im having difficulty trusting him and what he says... whenever i try asking him ANYTHING he argues with me... am i right to not believe him? could he be cheating on me?? please help, i really dont want to have to leave him but i dont know what to do!😭