Your thoughts, be honest

I'm over a month late for my period... Negative hpts up until Feb 20th. Went to doc March 9th I think... Did another urine test which was negative and even went to the hospital for something unrelated (extremely sore and swollen lymph nodes for no reason and no other symptoms) where they wouldn't even take my blood... I've been having pressure on my lower abdomen for some time now, it's really light though and not noticed for the most part unless I'm focusing on it. I've been going back and forth between diarrhea and constipation, itchy weird pain in nipples that isn't constant, it comes and goes. Cramps, gas, hunger and now frequent urination. I've been waking up super early using the restroom at night (which is odd for me) and last night I woke up 3 times to pee... What are your thoughts on this?