Embarrassed. Jealous of my own dog.

My Dh spends a lot of time playing video games in his spare time. I sit next to him and he asks me what I want or if I want to do anything. I say I want his attention and he will rub my back while continuing to play games. There isn't really much to do at nighttime. He doesn't want to have sex because being so far along in pregnancy just weirds him out. Well anyways, to get down to the point, he gives the dog a lot of attention. The dog constantly walks up to him with a toy in his mouth begging to play and my DH will actually stop what he is doing and go play with him or go take him outside. When he use to sleep in the bed he would bring the dog up in the bed and wrestle with him and love on him. The bed started getting uncomfortable for him so he moved to the couch (which is right next to the bed) and he yet again lets the dog sleep up on the couch with him. I know this is hormones creeping on me but it really makes me upset and lonely. It is actually making me have hateful feelings towards my dog. It is the weirdest thing to me. I have sort of mentioned this to him in bits and pieces and he acts like it isn't anything. It hurts though. And it makes me feel really stupid too, being that it's a dog and dogs need love and attention. Will I feel this way when my child comes into the world???? Could I possibly???! Why do I want the attention so badly?? Should I distance myself because of the neediness? Has anyone ever felt like this before?