Justine • Proud Mummy of Aaliyah Luna 09/05/08 🌙Baby #2 Bjorn Emrys June 2016

My DH isn't perfect and we have been through a lot these least 9 years including 3 1/2 years of separation due to his stupidity. 1, we started dating at 15/17. 2. We were force to marry when we got pregnant when I was 17 and 3. No matter what age no matter what age a man is still growing up. Ive gone through this and become very understanding when it comes to men now but anyways to the Topic.

His Mother seems to think he is just the most perfect and innocent little boy. Just so precious 😆 My biggest problem with her is even after 9 years and knowing all our problems she seems to run to my DH for everything. I breathed wrong, i said thank you to a compliment, i peed without inviting her to wipe...She seems to have to go to him for everything and because she is his Mommy anything she tells him causes a fight between my DH and I. I cant break this at all even after 9 years she stills seems to have more control over my life whenever she decides shes bored with her life to interfere in mine.

Is anyone else dealing with a Satan-In-Law?!