Dietary changes, supplements and uptade

I've been TCC for almost a year and recently I made the connection that most of the simptoms I experience are all related to Emdometriosis.
My last OBGYN didn't concern about my simptoms and said that all of it would be gone once I started taking birth control pills and it sure did. But now after a year I had stopped taking pills to try to get pregnant all of my simptoms are back. I found another OBGYN and I have a routine appointment coming up next month. Hopefully she will further investigate why I'm going through all of this and make the proper diagnosis. 
So even though I'm not 100% positive about having Endometriosis I decided naturally treat it so see if at least some of the pain would improve. After doing some research I changed my diet and added some natural supplements. Basically I'm eating healthier but I also added multivitamins, evening primerose oil (till ovulation), and chlorophyll daily.
Some things have improved such as severe cramps when period starts, depression, and no longer spotting a week before period starts. However I had the worst ovulation pain this month and I'm 3 days late. I took a pregnancy test yesterday and today but they both came back negative. I usually have regular periods but not this month.
I'm sure I'm just stressed and the period will come eventually this week. I'm a very patient person but I must confess I'm getting tired of this process of trying to convince.
I just needed to vent about what I'm going through and see if maybe someone can relate with it.