2 m/c with uteran septum

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We lost our second baby last month (5 weeks) 11 months after we lost our first at 9 weeks. I just received a call from our results to see if we had chromosomal problems due to losing both(and I'm pretty sure another one in June)   Baby 1 was not only normal with no chromosomal abnormalities, but that little angel was my DAUGHTER.  They found the sex and that's what broke my heart. Drs are sure that it was the septum that killed both babies. I really hate my body for killing off 2 babies. Monday I have a hystereoscopy to remove the septum and a polyp as well. 
I'm hoping to hear success stories of moms who have had the same procedure and went on to have healthy pregnancies. I hate myself for losing the first two, and I'm hoping I won't lose any more.