Sex after miscarriage tmi

Erica • Married, SHM, 1 child JWH after ttc 3+ yrs multiple mc, due with baby #2 any day
It has been 4 weeks today since I miscarried at 5 weeks. I have not spotted at all for about two weeks but when I insert my finger in my vagina to feel my cervix I see a little bit of dark brown discharge on my finger. My cervix feels closed and is low but is still some what soft. I have wanted to have sex with my husband since I stopped bleeding. I have missed feeling that intamancy with him. However my husband has not wanted to he says that "it's just weird for him right now" and won't explain why. After much debate and discussion we decided to have sex last night. It was very emotional for me and I felt like crying the whole time during and after although I managed to hold it back. I enjoyed having intimacy with him but was unable to achieve orgasam. It was not good at all physically and was sort of painful, my cervix still feels very sore when ever he touched it. I feel very disappointed but the whole experience, and hurt that my husband didn't want to have sex with me in the first place. Can anyone tell me how long it took your sex life to return to normal after a miscarriage both physically and emotionally? And should I be concerned about my cervix being so sinsitive still?