So mad about baby shower

Crystalina • Love being a mommy!!! Welcome to our baby girl, Marceline❤️
So I hate surprises, especially when it comes to my family throwing something for me. They'll plan around what they like rather than what I like. I told my mom that I want the shower at this nice quiet secluded park that i used to go to since I was in pre k. She proceeded to say," no what if I want the shower at a nice resteraunt?" I don't want it there I want it at a park where people can bask in the sun while having fun and kids who are coming can play. Then she randomly tells me how the souvenirs are going (she's making them herself). But then she throws me under the bus and tells my grandma that I'm the one who's asking. She throws me under the bus! I'm just so upset it's not even funny. I'm getting yelled at even by my mom when she's infront of people saying that I'm not suppose to know what they're throwing for me. Last time I knew it's my baby I'm having!!! I talked to her so many times but she's the type of person who stands in her own truth and doesn't care what I have to say. She'll just cut me off and say whatever, and change the conversation. My family are the only ones who wanna throw me a shower. And I really want one but I don't wanna comprise me having fun with just settling