Lost Avonlea at 20 weeks

Sarai • A mother of two amazing children. Miscarried at 20 weeks with miss Avonlea. Our heavenly angel
My heart is broken and I am trying not to be bitter. We're devestated but we are also trying to grow stronger as a couple. We had our sweet girl nearly two weeks ago. She had passed at 16 weeks and I didn't know until 20. It was an infection that happens to those "2%" of people. You never expect it to happen to you though. The likely of it happening again is thin. But the infection she had carried a huge risk of cerebral palsy at birth which is painful. Or I would have bled out in child birth.... So I'm not sure how to take that news. 
Anyway!!! We dedicated a wall in our room for our little angel. She is our dragon fly. We are trying hard to be at peace and accept this for whatever the reasons may be. So here is an idea for some of yall if you would wanna do this.