5 weeks and cramping??

Taylor • Mommy to a little boy with another little one on the way 💙
I just found out the I'm pregnant this past weekend. It was totally unexpected because I had light cramping that made me feel like I was just late. Well since finding out I have had cramps throughout the day. And today they have lasted almost all day. :( now other than being uncomfortable I'm freaking out could this be another miscarriage? I don't have a doctor yet so I can't be seen. Just wondering if this is normal or if something may be wrong? I've also noticed that for the last week I'll feel like my bladder is full and sometimes I barely have anything come out. I have no burning when I pee so could I possible have a bladder infection causing my pain and everything is still okay? Just need some piece of mind because on top of the fear of losing another baby and already checking for blood all these pains are making me so fearful.