Lost my girl

I had fun here, thank you everybody! I went to the clinic yesterday with very little bleeding and have passed my baby 24 hours later. She was 7 wk 4 days and I was 9 wk 5 days. 
For anybody curious, it didn't hurt. I saw a clot, which is what prompted me to go to the clinic. When the tissue that passed was my baby, I knew. What I saw was the sac and cord with baby inside, so I couldn't see her.
It is so completely devastating, but it was not at all scary, like I thought. I was watching everything that came out and baby sac is white, not at all like the clots. I don't know how awful it sounds or not, but I couldn't flush her, I'm burying her iny garden. 
That's my story, sorry if it's TMI for some, but I feel better sharing what I did & hope it may help somebody on the future.