What to do about lazy husband?

Han • Wife. Mommy. Etsy Shop Owner
First off I want to say I appreciate him and how he provides for us! He is a hard worker at work!!! Works 8 to 12 hr shifts depending and gets recognized for his hard work! But does nothing to help around the house! All I have really asked him to do is take the trash to the road! He lets it pile up and I eventually have to do it on my own or hassle him about it! I feel like if I ask him to help me put up curtains or help me with stuff in the nursery he acts put out or annoyed! I have told him I need him to start helping cause I'm 28 weeks pregnant and need alil extra help with carrying things upstairs or picking clothes up off the floor! He says he will then it never gets done! Idk what to do anymore! I've hurt myself a few times taking his laundry upstairs cause he won't even after I ask! I'm not one to lose my temper and I hate to argue so most of the time I just don't ask but when I do he acts put out! I need suggestions on how to approach him with this! I need to know that when the baby comes he will be willing to help out at home instead of playing video games all morning before and after work!! HELP!!!! I feel like I'm being ignored just so he can play games!