Something is going on with my body!!!

Cassandra • Married the love of my life 13 years ago on October 23rd! We have three perfect Chihuahua furchildren, Lizzi,Rebel, & Kylo!!!
My husband and I have been TTCing for about 6 years. I've been on Clomid and had a miscarriage. We stopped until February of this year. I stopped BC in mid February. I've never had a period with out medicine and on March 18th I had light pinkish/brownish spotting. It was never on my panty liner, just when I wiped. I had some cramps around then as well. If it was a period it the first ever in my life without meds! I do have PCOS and I really have no clue when or if I ovulated before and it was implantation bleeding or what! Since then my body is weird! Achy boobs, with a "pulling" sensation in them that I've never felt before, weird CM as well. Some times I have, what I can only describe as "boogers". I'm bloated and extremely weepy! I cry at every thing! I am bipolar but it is controlled & it doesn't feel like my bipolar is acting up. I did take a test but it was before the spotting I do believe and it was negative. Also, I went from not eating much, to starving all the time. I'm breaking out when I hadn't been and I pee all the freakin time. Either I'm pregnant or something is going on majority with my body! What do y'all think?