How to stay positive?

Admittedly my husband and I have only been trying for one month, moving into month 2 but how do you stay positive? I swear I had symptoms but now realize that they must have been phantom ones since AF did come. I was about 1-2 days late and really had my hopes up. I was very disappointed and upset when I awoke to find AF had arrived and with an added vengeance might I add. I stay really on top of things, it's part of my type A personality, so I started off with using OPK's. I made sure that my husband and I had sex everyother day until I had my peak where we had sex both peak days. I know that it's not a guarantee and it's a little silly to think it'd happen so quickly but how do you stay positive about it? I already am worried something isn't right. I am going to be 30 in a week and a half, I was on BC for a very long time (I've been off now for 5-6 months with only a year off of it in the past), I recently had a cervical precancer scare and was only "released" to start TTC last month. It's a lot on my mind and I guess I'm just in need of someone who can tell me it's going to be ok or how they're getting through it right now. 
Thank you for any ideas.