How would you have responded?

I'm just gonna preface this by saying I love my mom but we don't have a super close relationship, like the type where you call each other everyday and could talk about anything and everything. 
My husband and I had family over and we were showing them the nursery. I was showing them all the cute little baby shoes we have and everyone (including my mom) either smiled or was like "aww!" But then immediately after that she said "Don't put shoes on her until she can walk." Everyone just kind of stood there and I was a little taken aback by her comment. I said "Yeah, well we're gonna put shoes on her" and just kind of moved on with the conversation. Just earlier in the day she told me that I can start drinking fresh young coconut juice now so that the baby comes out "clean" whatever that means??
Every time she chimes in on the pregnancy it's always some myth or old wives tale that is probably not backed up by any sort of anything. And even if it was or if it had some truth to it, she would not be the type of person who has looked into it. I know she just wants to be part of the conversation and pass down any knowledge she has with good intentions but I'm seriously running out of ways to respond to her. Or actually anyone else for that matter that keeps giving me unwanted advice!
Is anyone else dealing with this? How do you guys respond to people who continues to give you this type of information? I know this is only gonna continue even after she's born.