27 and a bit discouraged

So my ex and I reconciled and we're dating again. We've known each other for 8 yrs. I moved away a year ago and came back. Turning 27 this January was an emotional roller coaster for me. He took me out to dinner and we spent time alone...all of a sudden I looked in his eyes and said "I want a baby" he responded "after tax season, I promise". He's an accountant. I was a little embarrassed, but I blame it on my hormones because that same night I had my period. For the next 2 months I had baby on my brain. Last week, my bf and I spent the night in Times Square. We rented a hotel room. I said to myself "tonight is the night. According to Glow I'm super fertile". I even prayed "God let it happen". Here we were in this room, alone. After hugging and kissing he goes "ready to make some babies?" Oh the joy I felt. I get undressed and hop in bed. He goes "let me put on a condom". AAAAHHHHH!!!! I was so depressed. Maybe now is not the right time. We just rekindled our love and i know he's afraid that I'll hurt him again. I wouldn't want to bring a baby into world if we haven't rebuild our trust. But it's so hard...I'm almost 30! My mom's voice keeps popping in my heard when I think about having a baby "you're almost 30, it's not easy to conceive in your 30's". Sorry for the lengthy post. I just needed to vent this morning. Has anyone been in my position or currently going through this? Do I have issues?