Rant: apparently having health issues makes me "high maintenance".

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I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. 
DH and I quit smoking 5 years ago. Now, I can't handle anything where people smoke indoors. Two years ago we got talked into a greasy spoon in town where the whole place is a smoking section (and has been for 50+ years) with some friends and DS and I were sick for 3 whole weeks with a nasty respiratory infection. I vowed never again, no matter what was said about me. 
Yesterday we went to DH's grandma's house for Easter. Tiny little house, no ventilation, 4 smokers puffing away all day. They were upset with me for spending so much time outside away from the fam. I held out for as long as I could! They were insulted that we had to leave after only two hours and I got a talking to about never bringing my 3 yr old DS to visit. When we got home, everyone stripped. Clothes in the wash, everyone took a shower, even my bag had to be soaked in febreeze but it was too late. I am now the proud owner of my 5th sinus infection this pregnancy. (I'm really sensitive to allergens. When I can't take meds I'll get infections every other month.) 
On top of that, DS has had an ear infection all week and now his cough is 10 times worse. We almost didn't even go but MIL really layed it on about how much they were looking forward to it so I caved.
I just don't get why no one believes this is a real problem. Every time it comes up someone always says "it's not that bad." and I'm like "maybe not for you, but it is for me!". I don't want to put my health (and my kiddo's health) at risk just so that I won't be seen as "high maintenance". I love DH's family but I also have to take care of my family. I've asked if we could all meet at someone else's house. Even our little town home (which is only slightly smaller than the house) but Grams likes everyone at her place. Now everyone's pissy the week before our "Baby-que" and it's apparently all my fault for not being able to suck it up. 
So now I just feel stupid for even trying. DS is sick, I'm sick and I still have to be the bad guy. 
::Insert sad trombone sound here::