Selfish Rant

I feel awful just writing this but urghhhh I feel rubbish today!

Im 21w1d, I've been awake half the night thanks to a squished bladder and then nausea and huge appetite on top of that.

I'm going out today and my bump has just popped again so none of my regular clothes fit and even my maternity jeans are tight. My maternity tops still look a bit big on me though :-( so nothing fits and nothing looks right! On top of that I have acne at the moment due to those fantastic hormones and even make up isn't covering up these mountains in my face!

This is the first day in my pregnancy where I just feel so fed up. I just want to not be pregnant for a day and feel normal again. I feel so selfish saying it but I want to be able to eat and drink normally again, to be able to have a decent nights sleep again, to not feel like I'm going to burst into tears at random times throughout the day.

I love my baby more than words can say - I panic if i don't feel a movement for a few hours and I would be a broken up mess if anything happened to him or her but grrrrrrr I'm just feeling so pregnant today!

Please tell me I'm not the only one that's experienced this?