Whats going on ????

Im new to this forum, but i have read some topics. My last period was on 2/28 and lasted 4 days (which is normal 4 me ) I have a 28 day cycle, according to glow my peak day was around 3/10 so we had sex several times that week. On the 21/3 i had Brown discharge on and off for 5 days tmi i know. Some of it was only when i wiped but for 1 day i had to use a pad. (I am unsure if this was af or ib )

Since then i have had nothing. No pms symptoms no af and three bfn's. The last test i did was 4/5.

Has anyone experienced anything like this b4? Shall i just wait to c if i miss another period b4 going to see a doctor.