Missed Miscarriage @ 10w2d

This was my first pregnancy. My US at 7wk showed an abnormally small gestational sac, but my little baby measured 6w3d and had a heartbeat. Next US @ 8wk we found a subchorionic hematoma, and the sac was still measuring small, but my baby was still fighting to live and was measuring right on & had a heartbeat of 173. I'll never forget seeing that heartbeat on the screen, and my big baby trying to live in that stupid too small sac, now also having to fight for room with this big hematoma... Went in for US again @10w2d and he was still there, but his hear had stopped beating. I just kept staring at the screen waiting and hoping for that little flickering light...but not this time. This is so hard and so sad, but at the same time I just feel thankful to my baby, for being there with me for as long as he could. I loved every second of it. Yes I was tired, but I took naps. Yes I was dizzy, but I took my time. I was never sick. It was fun to see my abs turn into...not abs. Thank you for everything sweet little tiny baby, I have my own personal angel now that no one else ever knew. Thank you baby.