2 weeks late

Stephanie • 21...and taken by the greatest man ever
I will be 2 weeks late tomorrow and every test I've taken has been a bfn... I'm kinda scared because everyone around me thinks I'm pregnant but I'm not really sure... I feel bloated all the time... The first week I had small cramps in my lower stomach but not so much now... I'm kinda gassy... I've been having horrible headaches and horrible backaches which isn't like me to have... My boobs have gotten bigger... (My bf pointed that out to me) they hurt so bad... It kills me to put a bra on... I'm extremely exhausted ALL the time even after a good nights sleep... I just want to sleep.... I'm extremely emotional and snappy (which is again odd for me) I have an appointment the 14th but I'm still worried because if I'm not something is wrong