Mother in law problems

I apologize ahead of time if this is too long but i really need to rant on. Although i do get along with my mother in law and she loves me I'm starting to feel suffocated by her. She's a very nice person and i do like her, most of the time, but I'm starting to get really annoyed by her. My SO and i lived with her for a while because we are struggling to find a place of our own where we live. When we lived with her she couldn't stay away from our room. I would get home exhausted from work and I'd try to to take a nap and ten minutes later she would be knocking at my door and just lay on my bed trying to have a conversation. When i would try to sleep because i wake up every morning at 4 for work she would stay in my room late at night even if she noticed i was obviously trying to sleep. On my days off she would be at my door as soon as she woke up. I felt like i was going crazy living with her. I had no.privacy. if she was in my room and i was change i would ask her to please step out and she would say "we're both girls just change" so I'd have to leave and change in the bathroom. About a month ago we moved in with my mom to help her with rent because she has cancer and will be going through a bone marrow transplant soon. I thought moving out of my mother-in-law house would help the situation but it hasnt. She calls me every day several times a day even at work. She keeps begging me and my boyfriend to go back to her house. She calls and asks when my next appointment is so she can go. Don't get me wrong i love the fact that she likes me and doesnt hate me like a lot of mother-in-law do with their son's gf/wife but i feel like i need some space to breathe on my own. She keeps asking if she will be aloud to be in the delivery room when i give birth and i always avoid the question. The only two.people i want in there are my boyfriend and my mom. I feel bad saying no and allowing my mom but i just feel uncomfortable with her looking at me down there. My mom changed my diapers so I'm okay with her in there. Also my mom's wish is to be able to see her first grandchild be born because we honestly don't know what's going to happen with her Leukemia. I've always wanted to experience this with my mother. I've always wanted to give her a grandchild before god decides what will happen to her. I wish i could just explaine to my mother in law how i feel but i don't want to hurt her feelings. She had a baby a little over a year ago and she didn't even want to let her mother in law know when she had the baby until a day later because she didn't want her all up in her business so she should understand. But i know how she is and she gets butt hurt so easily. Ughhh this is frustrating. Any suggestions. I'm sorry if i sound like a bitch but I'm not used to this. Ive always been the type of girl that likes to be alone in her room and not socialize much. I like having my space to breathe and think alone. I don't like to feel like im suffocating.