3rd round of clomid... Feeling frustrated!

Sarah • 29
I'm on my 3rd round of clomid this month with my period scheduled to come this Saturday. I'm on 100mg. I got pregnant on the first round of 50mg which resulted in a chemical, so my dr didn't think it was necessary to increase the 2nd round. Well that came and went and here we are on round 3. I've taken 2 hpt and both clearly bfn and I'm started to feel really down! TMI but I've had sore breasts with sensitivity to my nipples for the last week and a half so I was kind of expecting a bfp! Both DH and I have been tested and there's no reason behind our ttc struggles. 
It's been almost a year and a half! I know that's not long compared to others but I can't help but feel sorry for us! We're celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary on Sunday and I want nothing more than to hand my husband a +hpt! Any one else feel the same? Or and successes? Needing some positivity today 😔