My thoughts on TTC

Beth • ~~~♡♡Let`s Roll♡♡~~~

I gotta admit that when my SO and I decided to ttc about a year ago now I had not a clue on how tough it really can be for some women. I was going through so many stressful issues ( Biggest one being my brothers unexpected death almost a year now) I would be so hard on myself, always blame me and only me. I would cry and cry some more. Then everyone women I knew started getting pregnant a d I got angry. Angry at me my so God even. I hit my breaking point when my SO's sister who recently got married got pregnant right away. I overreacted BIG TIME. Kinda ashamed about it cause all babies are special and miracles. But I wanted to be a part of it.

I went to a fertility clinic and tbe Doc is wonderful. All of tbe people there are so good. I started having a little ray of hope. However the urgency of ttc was eating at me...all I could think of was BABY. Then suddenly I stopped. I stopped blaming. Stopped crying. Stopped being jealous ( although tiny twinges occur) and My SO and I didnt stop ttcing but I didnt make it the number one anymore...I actually got a life If you will. And youknow I notice differences in my body. Kinda like my body has relaxed. And I swear ladies I have all these symptoms that Ive never had I wonder....

What my story means here is perhaps if we all were to enjoy life, relax and be happy everything will happen naturally. Cause If it can happen for someone like me then it can happen for you.