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So, we want to the mall this evening and I let my son (he will be two in July) play on the mall playground. He was having such a good time and then a kid ( he told me he was 5) bumped into my son and made him hit his mouth. I thought to myself okay, it must of be an accident but then he came up to my son and bumped into pushing him down on purpose. I told the kid that he needed to please stop that that wasn't nice! So, I move my son to a different part of the playground and the little boy comes back and tells me that my son needed to move so he could play there. By this point this I'm irritated... So I just pick up my son and we leave. All while the little boys mom is just sitting there on her phone! He was much bigger then my son and was being a bully. And there were only four kids all together on this playground. I wanted to say something to his mother but I didn't... It bothered me way more then it bothered my son! People need to watch there kids. If my son is was being ugly to someone I would get on to him! This just really bothered me tonight!