I really need to rant

I feel like my husband hardly pays attention to me at all. He works long hours so I don't see him during the day. As soon as he gets home he's on his phone, then showers. By the time he's out of the shower I have his plate made, his drink on the table and everything else ready. I'm lucky to have a decent conversation with him during dinner. After that he's back on his phone pretty much til he's too tired to look at it and falls asleep. Can Facebook really be THAT interesting?! I feel like I could walk around naked and he wouldn't bat an eye. I make it a point to put my phone away because I want to spend as much time as I can with him while he's home but he doesn't care to do the same. 
Tonight, he knew that I was irritated with him because I told him and he knew why (his phone) because he even said it. Then rolls right over and goes to sleep which fuels my anger even more. He doesn't even care enough to remedy the situation before bed. So now I'm awake wanting to punch him in the face while he's sleeping soundly. 
😡 rant over