Swaddle for LO who hates it, but needs it?

My LO is three weeks old. I think we're entering a growth spurt because she has been extremely fussy and needing to feed nearly every hour.  I'm not sure she is really hungry, but rather wants to be on my breast for comfort, since she now refuses the pacifier.  Ever since the hospital, she refuses to be swaddled, but desperately need to be since she hasn't slept well in the last few days. Her startle reflex is extremely strong -- she moves her arms around like she is conducting an orchestra!  We've tried to swaddle her several times (we've used the following: miracle blanket, swaddle me, the hospital blanket, and Aden and Anais blankets) to no avail.  She cries bloody murder everytime we try to restrict her arms.  I'm seriously worried that our neighbors will call social services on us since my LO cries at the top of her lungs.  The only way she will sleep is in someone's arms.  My husband and I can't continue at this pace.  Do any of you have swaddle recommendations or solutions?  Seriously grateful for any advice.