Ingrid • Born in South Africa, raised in Ireland, Type 1 Diabetic, single, happy x

I'm 17 yrs old, type 1 diabetic, I weigh 185 pounds or 84 kg, I'm 5" 6 or 171 cm and I desperately need to lose at least 4 kg in two weeks.

For those of you who are going to comment that losing weight that fast I'd unhealthy and dangerous, I already know.

But in two weeks time, I will be going to a gathering of 300+ people, among them being someone I think I have feelings for.

I don't want to lack confidence around him because, if I can't be happy with myself then I can't be happy with someone else.

Please don't judge.

I am hurting badly inside and losing this little weight will mean the world to me.

All I'm looking for is the safest way to lose the maximum weight in a short time.

Please take into consideration that I am diabetic...

Sorry for the long read.

Much appreciated those who read this and help me out.


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