Hey all, need opinions.

KP • Mama of two DD 04/14 and DS 03/16. #3 and last due 3/19
I have a friend having a baby shower for her 2nd child. She is married to one of my husband's good friends. Her husband texted me and said that the party would be on June 7th so that's what I've always had marked on the calendar. I have a good guy friend who has been gone for a few months for boot camp and is only in town for next weekend and then gone for who knows how long, may be back around Christmas but that's up in the air. Our whole group of friends planned on saturday to go to the lake all day to hang out with him before he goes. Well I just got an invite to the baby shower and they changed it to saturday. And it's right in the middle of the day from 2 to 4. And it's an hour and a half from the lake. I texted her and told her that I always had it marked down for Sunday and asked if I could take her out for lunch on Sunday and give her the present then. Offered to pay even. She responded that her friend must have changed the dates and it's only a couple hours. What would you do?