Help urgent!!!

Okay so my SO and I have been friends for two years liked each other for one and started dating in March ... We said he liked me from the first time we started talking but he had a girlfriend . When k started liking him we we both still in a relationship . His ex broke up with him because she thought he was cheating on her with me .. N that I had  his full attention which is not true . Now that we're together he says he still has feelings for her and he can't stop them . He says he's trying but they were together for 3  years so it's hard to let go of the memories , they talk everyday and they're still really close .he tried deleting her number but he said it felt weird and that he couldn't do it cause it's hard when he's been so close with her for 3 years and that's she was the first girl out of many before her that he's loved and put all side girls on a side fur . He says he loves me and he wants to get over her . But I'm hurting so much right now cause I feel like she's competition cause she still wants him . I've spoken to him about it but he says he wants to talk in person and we haven't gotten the time to do so 
. What do I do 😔