Boyfriend asks for gas money

Ok so my boyfriend and I live about an hour away from eachother and I don't have a car. He's been trying to get to the beach with me but here's the thing, he asks me to chip in for gas money...when I live literally 15 mins from the beach he'd rather drive to my house, drive back to where he lives to go to the beach there, and then drive me home..that doesn't make sense right? But when he wants to come here just to see me (to have sex) he doesn't ask for gas money. I don't get that part. And once, when I was at college, which is really close to him, I had to go home for an emergency, he asked me for gas money to take me home to check up on my mother cause she hadn't picked up the phone in days and I was worried. I didn't have the money to pay my boyfriend so I just took the 2hr bus ride. My bottom like question is, should I be offended or upset that he's asking me for gas money? I was raised old fashioned where girls pay for nothing, particularly when just dating and never to give a man money. I'm conflicted because I have no problem paying for dates every once in awhile or paying for myself but he's starting to ask for money and it makes me really uncomfortable...and idk how to tell him this. Any advice??