Frustration 😞

My husband and I got into it and I guess I just need to vent. We have both been talking about a baby for a long time but were unable to try because he is military and was deployed. Then we had to relocate to his new duty station. So we are finally trying to conceive. I've been waiting for the day I can have another for years (my son is 7, from a previous relationship) and I'm just so happy that we are finally ready. Ever since the beginning of this last cycle he has been distant. He said I was coming off too strong, so I eased up. Limited talking to him about baby related things so I could take some of the pressure off of him. Tonight, I took a test at 10 DPO (I caved 😓) and it was a BFN. I am refraining from being sad, remembering that I may very well have just tested too early. He seemed okay with that. Then about 45 min later, I said I liked a name I heard on TV for a baby. And he flipped out. He said that I made him feel like a "failure" for not getting me pregnant. He is just acting so insensitive. I don't ask him to talk baby things with me. It's not like I've added him to this app with me or I'm talking to him about every little thing I'm logging or reading. I have been actively trying not to come off strong or get in too deep until I get a positive test. It's just frustrating. I feel very alone right now. And I'm wondering if I should just put the TTC on hold. Maybe I'm just being emotional. I feel that he doesn't understand that as badly as I want to grow our family, I care about our marriage more.