Miscarriage to pregnancy

Two years ago I had the most wonderful, happy pregnancy and the result was my first child, a girl. Eager to be a mother again, I became pregnant again with baby #2. From the start of this one, I was exhausted. Thinking it was the fact that I another little one to keep me busy this was the only thing wrong with me, but it wasn't. I had at around week 6ish some discharge that was a faint cream colored. It was only a few times and then went away. I really didn't put much thought into it. A few weeks later I started spotting brown every day for 5 weeks. When I went in they did ultrasounds and thought it could be from possibly placenta previa but baby was growing and so I figured I would just need to deal with it. At 15 weeks, I lost the baby at home and my world was rocked. How could this happen to me?! Holding that previous little body I thought what did I do? In was continually told not to blame myself but I did. After a couple of months and lots of prayer, I felt myself feeling back to normal physically so we started to try again. With the new hope of having another came more education and reading on what can cause miscarriages and one doctor told me the rate is so high now. There are the people who just don't take care of themselves but i was not that one. I don't drink, smoke, I drink lots of water and follow the food rules. Well I was so happy and nervous to find out about 5 weeks ago that I am pregnant with baby #3. Just last week I had one episode of that strange looking discharge like last time so I thought if it had been infection all along last time and no one took a culture, I wasn't going to make that same mistake again or not think anything about it. Sure enough, culture came back positive for bacterial infection. This was not a STD. I have only ever been with my husband. They said it was the normal bacteria having an environment to overgrow. Now I am on Antibiotics and praying this will be the end of that. Infections are a huge cause of miscarriages and I wanted to reach and I let you ladies know to be your own advocate. Ask for a culture swab, It could be the difference between a happy or heartbreaking pregnancy. 💙❤