Thought I started but I guess not! Help.

Hello I thought I started my period today it was 4 days late. It was just light pinkish when I wiped then nothing on the pad when I went to use the bathroom. Then when I wiped it was light brown with egg white cm not a whole lot but enough to tell. I had brown spotting for 3 days on the 11,12,13th of June and bled the whole first 6 days of June HEAVY bright red(Believe it was ovulation bleeding even though most experience light bleeding) last period was on May 16th. I took a test yesterday was negative! Not trying at all and confused! I noticed symptoms about week before af was due. Food and smell aversions were the first! Thought it was ovulation as well but continued after it ended. Then the nausea!!! And cramps and major backache! Fatigue and extreme moodiness (my poor boyfriend). Most symptoms have subsided. Except for the occasional "weird" smell and nausea. Idk what to do. Any one have advice or experienced what I have? Thanks a bunch!!!:)