Mixed signals

So my bf and i want a to have a baby together.. i dont want one right now neither does he so he says. I recently found out i dont ovulate often so i would have difficulty getting pregnant. I got on bc and he cums in me every time. He says if i got pregnant he wouldnt care as we are engaged and have been together for a long time. Im confused tho about his actions. If i miss a pill sometimes hes on my case and sometimes hes not. Hes always talking about me getting pregnant in a positive way. So im confused as to what he wants. I think he wants one sooner than me but is acting like he doesnt because i would like to wait a few years. I dont try to miss my pills. I have an alarm on my phone to remind me but with my work schedule i work odd hours all hours of the day and night. Im not allowed to have pills on me and sometimes not even my phone so i cant always get to them at that time so i take as soon as i can when i can. What do u ladies think as i am confused by his signals