Me and rainbow baby just made high risk. Id really appreciate some insight. Kinda scared. :(


For the past few weeks now I've been in and out of labor and delivery triage for pre term contractions. They're uncomfortable, but they're not affecting anything... yet.

My OB put me on "motrin therapy" over the weekend. And it helped. Cut my contractions down to a few "episodes" a day, to maybe 1 or 2 contractions a day.

He called me this afternoon and stated he wants me to continue the motrin. Though he knows im anti medication, we negotiated and he instructed that I take it as needed. Hes setting me up w a perinatologist and has restricted my activities. He said no more laundry, no more cleaning house (I can "pick up" but no cleaning) I can no longer lift my son and he said absolutely no sexual stimulation whatsoever until hes got me "stabilized".

He said I'll rotate between him and the peri... but otherwise, I dont know what to expect having a now high risk pregnancy. I know its a long shot, but has anyone been through this? Being high risk? Or being high risk for pre term labor? I could really use some insight. "/

Posting in multiple areas trying to find someone. I apologize in advance if this bothers anyone.