Any other mamas have a heart condition?

Danielle • Mama to an 8 year old and one on the way!
So I have a lifelong heart condition that we found 3 years ago, I had my first daughter 8 years ago with this issue and it was unknown. 
I had to have heart surgery 3 years ago and am about to deliver my 2nd child on Friday. I have a great Stanford cardiologist and OB and they meet monthly to review my chart and status. They have taken extra precautions the entire pregnancy, beginning at 30 weeks I have had weekly NST/AFI tests and I will not be allowed to deliver past 39 weeks. I have to have an epidural immediately because pain makes my heart rate increase and that worsens my condition. Pain management is their first priority. I will be hooked up to an EKG machine the entire labor and delivery and will have a cardiac nurse along with all of my OB nurses. 
I have been fully on board, of course, but am starting to get nervous. Do any other moms on here have heart conditions? How are you coping?