pretty much all natural!

Kylee • Mommy to a little boy💙
I had my little 4 days ago. I was being induced due to a liver disease that rarely happens during pregnancy! Literally 1% chance. I went in at 7:30 am and they started a pill to soften my cervix well around 7:00 pm they gave me another and I was 4 cm dilated and they just wanted me a tad softer. They came back at 10pm and broke my water and I was 5cm dilated. I started having mild contractions, by 10:30 they were on top of each other but they weren't showing up on the monitor (back labor) so my midwife didn't think I was actually having them, just my luck. Well by 10:45 I couldn't take it (no pain meds still) 10:50 I asked for an epidural because I was dying I thought and I was checked and was still 6cm dilated they called and the dr was in the OR and I was on a waiting list. 11:00 I thought I was going to poop myself hahaha and the pain was unbearable the nurse called my midwife in and I was crowning!! I didn't even have time to have my feet in stirrups because he was coming so quick. I ended up pushing twice and had my little boy at 11:18am July 6! My due date was July 21 he weighed 6 pounds 3 oz 19 inches of perfection and we went home 36 hours later!! 
For any mommys questioning if they can handle it you can!! I am so glad that I honestly didn't have a choice put to go natural because 4 days later I can do everything again virtually pain free! 
Also didn't even end up getting the pitocin drip because I went into labor on my own! 😊💙